Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Few...


I think I'm quite back. Just few cards I managed to remember to document my work :)

Few others just were just conveniently forgotten :O and given out to friends.

But nevertheless, enjoy...

This was made for a friend which I had it made within 30 mins. As usual, my camera skill didn't do much justice to real piece.

I thoroughly enjoyed this because it was so happy, so fun and so cute at the same time. I went into my store room like a lil' rat and rummaged all that I have for my card making, and 1 hour later, this was made. If you look at it properly, there are 3 flowers which are popped out to give it a dimension :-)

And for the below, I badly wanted to have this posted in my FB but I can't because my colleague who is the Bride will see it and I haven't given it to her {yet}. So, yes, while I can't post it anywhere yet, but knowing that my fellow colleagues does not know of this page, I can just post however I want here :)

This piece in real has more class. It is definitely the camera {I took it from an iPhone}. But all the same, I enjoyed making it for her... because there is some sense of style yet simpleness within it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm back finally, from a year haitus from card making. Many things have happened especially my career in the corporate and my time has been spent working my life away the one whole year.

But now that it is coming to the year end, I'm starting to slow down and re-counting my passion. I truly miss card making and I've decided to come back by opening up Card-A-Heart to another level.

I'll let you guys know what's up soon. I'm in the midst of setting up the fun! Stay tune...

By the way, if I have not responded to any inquiries, my sincere apologies as I hardly could breath day in and day out, let alone log in to check Card-A-Heart :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love in Pink

My camera didn't do any justice to this card at all. Bah! :-( It's much sweeter in real. MUCH. And so the story goes that Adrian shared with Z.Bin about my card activities. And for what so ever reason, he asked if I could make one for his girlfriend's birthday.
I first wanted it pink and green, that sorta panache color tone but Z.Bin warn me no green because "my gf will kill me. she hates green. pleaseeee no green..."
Fuyoh, such strong plead. Hehe...
And so, it's all pink... love pink... >.<


Why 'party'? Hm, good question. Because it's a birthday party!!! That's why. I got this card made for a friend who is trying to woo a girl and so he said it can't be more special than giving her this... did she bite? did she not? *smirk*

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congrats - Han & Ewe

Anddddd, I went to this. So utterly cute. This is Heng Ewe and Han Liang's wedding card. To a point, I wanted to keep this for myself. Haha.
I had these 2 little birdie drawn and colored with copic, then made this polka card in pink and black. Ah, chic. Utterly cute chic.

A Chick's Birthday

I then continued with Nina's sis. Some brighter and cute one for a change... :-)

Spectacular Birthday

Then I went on to do this for Nina's mum... some elements of elegant but simple sweet... tho it was quite a task having to paste the letter, word for word... *patience*