Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grandma... Happy B'day!

Hokay... Cheryl, this one's for grandma ya. I know, I should have given it to you first before I posted it here BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!!!
Since Cheryl's grandma has a liking for purple, I had it crafted to just that.
BTW, there were no intent to have this pixs in this blurry, sophiscated aura (my photography skills ain't that good). But the fact that it has much glitter around the card (from the word "grandma" to the flowers to the bling-blings around it, snapping it under good direct sunlight sorta radiate the shimmering effect. So there.
Hope grandma likes it...

Friends Like You, are hard to come by...

I had this made for someone particular in mind but I can't quite say it now because I have not given her yet. In case she gets into this blog, then there is no suprise to this if she already know it's for her. I don't know what got me into this tone but it's something beyond my pastel norm. These pixs failed to capture the true essence of the card as there is something lack in the vibrance of the color .

In reality, the card has some sense of affirm solid yet elegant touch to it. I felt it sort of sordified the word, "Friends like you." I guess that was how I interpreted this piece when I made it. A sincere affirmation of the friendship to this particular friend.


I made this for the heck of it. Firstly, I could not resist the quiet background of the paper. It evokes some sombre yet quiet peaceful feel. Then I could not resist the panache design of the paper (see, there is nothing about me and my cardmaking skills, it's the paper that makes the card). And I thought, oh well, just have fun with something more serious and elegant. And, what have you...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Pinky Birthday

I don't know what else to say about this ultra sweeetttt card. I have to admit I made it with lots of love. I practically nurture the card from scratch. It's also a card which initially was made for a guy who wants it for one of the chick (he's after I think) but eventually, said he has found some other card. Somewhere along that line.
And so, since Eugene ordered one, I asked if he minds taking this one instead. Nice of him to accept this for his colleague's birthday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Amore

Kaydee, recognise this piece? Hmmmm... the making of this card actually is a mix of a whole long list of what Kaydee said about Oliver and their very special long distance relationship. And the fact that Oliver likes green, I thought of this combo.
Enjoy your celebration yes! BTW, Kaydee's from Tawau! Wow, didn't know my card could reach that far out *smile*

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This card defines me. Enough said.
Heheh... Heng Ewe ordered for her friend, birthday cum congratulatory wishes (something along that line).
Actually I am thinking of keeping it for myself... it's just, oh-so-pretty!


Quite a number of people have wondered how my work station look... well, just a snippet eh, I tried to pack up some of the mess so it looks nothing overwhelming and scary...hehe...

Birthday Flowers Over the Fence

This card made me stay up till 2.30am because I was so into it. Every additional bit of it made me even more excited so I went on, over and over and over before I knew it, it was already that wee hour early. I didn't want to stop, I wanted badly to see the end product and no heavy eyes nor yawns were over taking me... the power of passion (I suppose?) Heh.. heh...
And yes, those flowers which looked like they are growing from a white washed fence, they are pieced piece by piece also, sweet aren't they?
This is one of those cards which I enjoyed making thoroughly because it evokes all the sweetness flowery dovey we girls drool. Ahhhh... sigh.
This card has already a receipient in mind but as usual, I can't let the cat out of the bag yet because her birthday is sometime middle of the coming week... oh well, if you happen to pass by her cubi and sees this card, you then know who!

Happy Flower Birthday

If you must wonder who is this for... well, I can't let it out of the bag just yet because they are only going to give it to her tomorrow...! I modified the original version into this piece, so those flowers on the 'happy birthday' coaster is after all pieced piece by piece into pretty fluers! Yes, including those daisies around the 'happy birthday'!
My heart's fluttering with flowers... flowers... and more flowers...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For You

One of the simpliest yet eye cathing card. I love the way the flower creeps and the 'for you' falls between them.

Sunny Birthday

Bright and sunny birthday... it's like one of those happy & sunny celebration!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Father...

I thoroughly enjoyed making this card because it breaks the monotomy of musculinity. Yes, indeed, it's for a dad. THE dad in our lives, my one and only father-in-law whose birthday is just around the corner.

Happy Mother's Day

Some of you may recognise the love with butterflies from 'somewhere.' Nope, ain't gonna tell you where it was from *big grin.*
This for my mum on Mother's Day. For the lady who single handedly brought us up after dad passed on. The anchor woman in my life.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cuppa Cake for My Special One

Hola! I've been away for a long time but it is fantastic to be taking a superb break off the really HOT island. I literally mean HOT.
This card is a cupcake piece for my husband because he digs cupcakes. I thought it would signify his love on this very special day! Haha... cute one. Inside has a pix of us with words "from me to you "