Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congrats - Han & Ewe

Anddddd, I went to this. So utterly cute. This is Heng Ewe and Han Liang's wedding card. To a point, I wanted to keep this for myself. Haha.
I had these 2 little birdie drawn and colored with copic, then made this polka card in pink and black. Ah, chic. Utterly cute chic.

A Chick's Birthday

I then continued with Nina's sis. Some brighter and cute one for a change... :-)

Spectacular Birthday

Then I went on to do this for Nina's mum... some elements of elegant but simple sweet... tho it was quite a task having to paste the letter, word for word... *patience*

Polka Birthday

So what have I been up to for a 1 month long silence from this blog?
Well, I actually have them here BUT I was just too busy to load them. And FINALLY, I am taking the time to have them all before the month turns October.
Here is a pair of very panache cards I made for 2 very, very, very good buddies. You know who you are, I don't need to say more.
I love this card a lot because it's cute yet chic at the same time. And there is something about the black and blue that does blends so well... Happy Birthday my dearests...