Friday, September 18, 2009

Black Chic Birthday

I did this for someone from someone special. Pretty much along the same line as my Stylo Black. I have to admit that real life, the card is every sense of chic and precise style. It's quite a dissapointment when it's features via the lense... hehe blaming the camera. Not the camera woman... hehe...

"A" Purple Story

I worked tiredlessly for these cards of 20 for Aleya's birthday. I love them to bits. And I hope whoever receives them would love them as much as I did... I broken the monotony and got them in variation of purple, which is Aleya's favourite color.
So if you are wondering what have I been up to between Stylo Birthday till now, here it is... *grin*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stylo Black Birthday

I won't wanna break this surprise. I made this specially for one of my best buddies. I really hope he doesn't visit this page for now. Not until his birthday is over... but I'm taking the chance because I can't help not posting it because it is sooooooooooooooooooo chic. Stylo milo. Just like him *grin*
One of the most fun weekend for me because I made lovely cards this week. Woo hoo!!!

Sweet Love

Nisa requested for this for her girlfriend, with initial thoughts of a card I have previously made. Since it is no longer available, I made her this instead. Pretty much along the same style as the one she wanted.
So Nisa, I really hope you like this one because I just so love it. Real life it is mch sweeter than this picture... I assure you *wink*