Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas For Friends

Yahoo, I've been featured in Siensation ( . And without qualms, Adrian takes super nice pixs of the cards I made!!! I was thrilled to see the cards taken with such eye for detail and precision. Heh heh, it got me in doubt if my cards were actually that pretty... I think it was Adrian's touch!

Yes, another 2 X'mas cards. This is quite a story. Soon and Adrian ordered these from me for me. Nope, I didn't type the sentence wrongly.

When they ordered, they said it's for someone at the price of RM10. And I refused to accept the RM10 because principly as stated, I only take in the cost of my cards. Not labor. What more they are my good friends. After a series of arguement online, I reminded over and again, it's RM5 and no more and I gleefully made it having securely in mind a rough idea whom they are to give so the card will be appropriate (so I thought).

On the day I got them collected from me, I didn't want to accept any money because I took it that they were my Xmas presents for them respectively (so they can give to that 'someone'). Hahah... back fire!

Adrian had no choice but to spill the beans that the cards were actually meant for me!!! Hahah... and no, I refuse to accept them as a gift because they have given the the Starbucks diary I so longed to have (talking about being sensitive to people's needs, good example) plus, how can someone possibly receive the gift they give?

There were so many "Alamak", "Aiyoh", "Aiseh", "No, No, you must accept the money" and "No, No, I cannot accept the money." We were literally bargaining... LOL.

Heheheh... this is so utterly funny. Yeah, exactly like our friendship, tells a lot about us.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Merry Merry Xmas!

Yeah, it's still the X'mas mood here so Michelle requested 3 special ones for her bosses. Um, 2 ex-es actually. I don't really know which one she picked to send to which three but I sure hope they like them whichever card they receive... my most favourite among the 3 is the serene pale green X'mas. Gives me the feeling that life is surreal and holy at this time of the year *I can already hear the Xmas carol coloring the air*

But I got to say that under the camera lense of an iphone, the red seemed to have bleched. It's not the lustrous red that the card actually is. Hmm.. wasted.

Checkered Thank You

Made this for Ivy, a sweet thank you for a nice swet girl in the office.

I'm Still Around Alrighty...

The lack of update here doesn't mean I have been laying off making cards. In fact, I made quite a number and I have personally captured it instead.

Yeah, Hui Hui has gone to Europe to savor the chill and snow so I'm left with the iphone to capture the stuff I've made thusfar.

My best shots here, nothing as superb as hers but we'll make do with what we have... a phone camera, without flash AND zoom capability.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sweet Baby Boy

This sweet baby blue is for Noorin's new born. Of course, it's a baby boy!

Quiet Little Christmas

Frosted Little Christmas in a quiet town... made this for Ezly who wants to send this to her personal friend...

Yue Sze's Merry Little Santa

Making this card was a challenge because I was told that Mrs Sum wants a Christmas card for her 4 year old girl, Yue Sze. And apparently little Yue Sze loves Santa and she believes in him!
Awww, if only the whole world still believes in Noel, this place would be magical... *grin*
So finding Santa was my feat and yes, I found him because like Yue Sze, I believe the miracle in him...
Since this Santa was a little bulkier than my usual cards, I specifically made an envelope to safely hold him so when Yue Sze receives him on Boxing Day, he is still nice, clean and cushy...

Chic Christmas

Simplicity was in mind when I made this. It's simple chic christmas... Mrs. Sum has a taste for this so she got it for a 30 year old guy/gal... I hope the lucky person likes it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Xmas Flakes

Merry X'mas everyone! I made this for Mr and Mrs Sum... I love the snow flakes actually...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Parents-In-Law's Anniversary

I made this for my wonderful parents-in-law for their Anniversary this 10 Dec.

This time I tried my hands on the pixs... hmm, didn't turn out as great as Hui Hui's but I guess, it's enough flavor to give a clue how it looks... *grin*
To much of my surprise, Card-A-Heart received much encouragement from my fellow friends, family and colleagues, believe it or not.

Thanks guys. It's awesome to be appreciated.

But indeed, it has been a busy journey for me ever since this started. I can't be happier because now I am making cards for people who wants them sent to that "somenone" that means something in their lives. And for this, it adds more meaning to my card making. It adds reason to add that "touch" because I'm making it for "someone" than just "anyone."

And so, my journey begins...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's A Boy...

It's for a little cute boy...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pink Birthday

Had this one made for a sweet Birthday...

Thank You

These are the "Thank You" cards we've made for the folks who have wholeheartedly contributed to the kids Home. Those of you who have received it, I hope you'll like them.

It was quite a feat having to make 88 of them altogether, every piece handmade. Needless to say, I've 2 very efficient helpers - Hui Hui for the cutting of Ts, pasting of the snow flakes, tying of the ribbons and Eugene the T cutter! (Otherwise, I doubt I could get them ready in 2 weeks)

I had fun tho' they could get tedious.

Also, I can't help but to post as much pixs I could on this because Hui Hui took such liberty to shoot them as cute and adorable as she wanted it to be (albiet she was as sick as a pig at one point).
I was so excited on her shots when she sms-ed me last night to check my email, I was eager with a capital E to view them like kids who just can't wait to get to Toys r' Us. And indeed, she captured them well!