Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas For Friends

Yahoo, I've been featured in Siensation ( . And without qualms, Adrian takes super nice pixs of the cards I made!!! I was thrilled to see the cards taken with such eye for detail and precision. Heh heh, it got me in doubt if my cards were actually that pretty... I think it was Adrian's touch!

Yes, another 2 X'mas cards. This is quite a story. Soon and Adrian ordered these from me for me. Nope, I didn't type the sentence wrongly.

When they ordered, they said it's for someone at the price of RM10. And I refused to accept the RM10 because principly as stated, I only take in the cost of my cards. Not labor. What more they are my good friends. After a series of arguement online, I reminded over and again, it's RM5 and no more and I gleefully made it having securely in mind a rough idea whom they are to give so the card will be appropriate (so I thought).

On the day I got them collected from me, I didn't want to accept any money because I took it that they were my Xmas presents for them respectively (so they can give to that 'someone'). Hahah... back fire!

Adrian had no choice but to spill the beans that the cards were actually meant for me!!! Hahah... and no, I refuse to accept them as a gift because they have given the the Starbucks diary I so longed to have (talking about being sensitive to people's needs, good example) plus, how can someone possibly receive the gift they give?

There were so many "Alamak", "Aiyoh", "Aiseh", "No, No, you must accept the money" and "No, No, I cannot accept the money." We were literally bargaining... LOL.

Heheheh... this is so utterly funny. Yeah, exactly like our friendship, tells a lot about us.


adrian said...

hey hearty!! its ur cards that made the pic look good! not my photography ok!! anyway, merry belated christmas and happy new year to you!! ehehe, do provide me your new designs from time to time, and i can promote them at my site! cool cards not to be missed by anyone!

MonkeyKing said...

yoyo... merry belated christmas and happy new year...

and thanks for the card... bad things is, it's not acording to plan... :(

Wee-Leng said...

Thanks guys, for the support and fun in the friendship yeah... Merry Belated Xmas and Happy New Year to you both...

Muhammad Tayyab Jamil said...

Happy Christmas, Enjoy it.
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