Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hope you are not thinking what I am thinking {why are there more and more pictures of the same card as time moves on}... well... I can't help it, that is why... *grin with all teeth displayed*

This card is going to Hui Mei who has gone through the pain staking labor of pain for 1 Godly hour just to get her baby pop {God forbid} so I think she deserves something really different.

The card is special because the little rocking horse sort of envolopes the word "precious" and when it is opens {delicately!} like a tainted window, here we get "precious"... it's simple but simply adorable.

Make A Wish...

I'm not going to divulge {yet} who this card is for in case she comes to the blog. Then it won't be a surprise... This is one of the cards which I have done a lot of needle work. I sewed the big flower and the edges of the card so it literally gives a very cutey feel all together... and yes, added thread to the cute buttons too... :-) cute!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Romantic In Blue

This is as pure and simple as it gets, in my humble opinion. I adore this card because it is simple yet outstanding enough to get the message across. This piece is different because I have actually tied the ribbon the middle {and thus, the card literally is tied to the ribbon in the middle! this is no-glue-the-ribbon-to-the-card work... ehem ehem}, of which it holds the tag. In short, the tag is actually hanging elegently to the card.
Since Bonnie and her hubby has something for blue, and it's their anniversary, I think this would be a perfect card for her to the man of her life...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forever Love

Lots of love. Red. 2nd anniversary for her boyfriend - Sheqal. Bigger than the normal card. This is what I had for the boyfriend.
To add flavor to it, I've made even a translucent envolope with Sheqal's name on it, matching to the theme of the card. And because I was so enjoying it, I can't help but to take extra pictures of this beautiful piece. Kiwan, it's all yours now... have a great anniversary!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Thank Yous

And.... not withstanding, additional 2 Thank You cards besides the awesome 43s! Something about the simplicity, purple sweet texture and aura of these cards that made me smile when I had them made. Tweeet I say.

Purple Thank Yous

This is about 3 weeks of work, in betweens my very "busy" life. Making 43 book marks is a serious feat. Not as painstaking as the wedding album BUT it sure is tedious because I'm repeating the motion over and over again for 43 times. Haha...
It's not difficult, just tedious. So people who can't stand monotony, I think they will go harikari. I'm sure. Haha...
But nevertheless, having 43 rows of standards makes we feel awesome. I was really standing right in front of them for quite awhile, just quietly savoring them... I wonder who are the lucky fellas who will be getting these? I hope they will keep it...*wink*

Saturday, November 14, 2009

X'mas Cards for Charity

What do you know... finally, my cards are out from the printers!!! Everyone here is specially hand designed by yours truly. Yay yay!
These cards have been designed, then colored with Copic. My initial designs were 6 but after much deliberation and dwelling on the output with the printer {of which some turned out very dull and sad as compared to the original}, I've decided to ditch the 3 and keep these 3 instead. *grin* Of which, I have put Jason {the really patient printer} into countless undecided combination of colors, designs, fonts, sizes of this and that, material, and what else anyone can think of. Sorry Jason... *gulp*
BUT, now it is all out, 600 of them, a means to raise funds, I am happppppy. Yes, happy as a little lark.

Since this is my take on giving back to the kids, every single card sold would 100% go to Sanctuary Home in Setapak {where I occasionally lent a hand}. Generally, the monies would go to the monthly utility bills, rentals, groceries and etc {if you wonder} of the home.

So if anyone is interested, do feel openly free to email me at

A pack of it cost MYR30, of which it contains 6 cards, 2 of each of the design. :-)
PS: If you would also like to directly reach out to Sanctuary Home, please, by all means, e-mail me and I will more than happy to provide you details of the home :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birdie Love

This is a work from Theresa's thoughts. She gave a list of what she likes, a pair of birds, purple and some ideas here and there.... and presto, here is what I got. This is for her friend's wedding. The base is pretty much purple but due to the imperfection of my lense (again, I always blame the camera NOT the camerawoman), it turned to be more bluish...

A Token Of Love

This is one of the most elegant card I've made. It is simple yet outstanding. Norazli my schoolmate back in primary (ooooo, imagine how long we have known each other) wrote to me requesting for a card for her parents' 40th anniversary, with initial thoughts of a HUGE card. I had to initially decline because I can't quite find a big card with good material to make her a nice one. Finally, she was fine with half of A4 and here it goes... obviously, these lovely words were all from her, I just turned her words into expression...