Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hope you are not thinking what I am thinking {why are there more and more pictures of the same card as time moves on}... well... I can't help it, that is why... *grin with all teeth displayed*

This card is going to Hui Mei who has gone through the pain staking labor of pain for 1 Godly hour just to get her baby pop {God forbid} so I think she deserves something really different.

The card is special because the little rocking horse sort of envolopes the word "precious" and when it is opens {delicately!} like a tainted window, here we get "precious"... it's simple but simply adorable.


adrianlee said...

im loving ur cards more and more each day! especially this!! PRECIOUS!! BERRY BERRY NICE!

Wee-Leng said...

Hahaah tq tq