Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragunfly and the Flowers

Heng Ewe (my cute office neighbor, sorry she's taken if that is what you are wondering) requested for a belated card for her girl friend and so... after all the hoo haa for V'day, I calmed down and had this made... I lurve the little dragun-fly... and the fact that he's flying around a bed of sweet flowers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Very Own Valentine {grin}


Well... for this year, I did spent exactly 4 hours getting this sorted (not including developing the pixs or picking them). This piece was plain 4 hours of getting it pieced starting from scratch.
I wanted it to be absolutely unique, personal and 'us.'

And here it goes. I borrowed a little of Joanna's booklet concept but customized it eventually to a different chapter.

I love it to bits and it's utterly heartwarming making it. I can't express how much it means to me to get this piece done and the magnitude of personal touch I've garnered in this. Whatmore, he is thousands of miles away on this much, over-rated romantic day. Also, I'm trying to make it up for the day of love...
The cover contained many little sweet words, made into a heart, with a cute arrow running across.
I started off with "My drinker (pix of Eugene with a beer), then the next piece "my foodie" (him eating, oh, this is so him), then "my hunk" (him flexing his muscles {muahaha}), then "my gangsta" with the ala tattoos he got, then "my monster" and etc... till the end, needless to say, he is "My Valentine!" hohoho...
And at every back of each page, I have a paragraph of my feelings about 'us' in my very own hand writing...
Anyways, enjoy... xoxo

Saturday, February 14, 2009

26 Things I Love About U

This is one of the most unique card I've made. I am still giggling from it.
Sharon sent me an e-mail on Tues, asking me if I can make a booklet with 27 pages, and she said it's her friend's request but she doesn't know why the 27. All I know was, it was for Valentines.
Then later, I got another message from Sharon, not too big of a booklet and leave space to write 2-3 sentences every page.
That got me wondering alright... like what was that 27 for and why would anyone want 27 pages...
The next day, I asked Sharon for the name of the sender and recipient because I felt despite the 27 hearts I cut (for the life of me) along with the embellishments, there is still something very missing and the touch isn't quite right there yet.
So I got to know Joanna (hello there Joanna if you are reading this) and Rene (the lucky guy!) and she finally explained she wanted "26 things I love about you" with each page of something she loves about Rene and the 1 last page was for her to pour her heart...
Aw.... so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of Joanna and obviously this is indeed a super duper cute idea... I just can't help gigling at every word I rub-on and perfecting this work of art yesterday!
What have I to say but I truly enjoyed making this card because the entire idea behind it is just sooooooooo sweet!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Mum-in-Law

Do you know how I feel about this card? Yummy sweet icing cake! Heh heh... super duper sweet.
For my MIL (mum-in-law) who is always, always there for all of us no matter what. If you notice enough, there are 5 hearts, each representing her 5 children who are fortunate to have her. So, on her special day, we present her our little hearts, each in our very own ways.
Here is thus a card, I thought will be one of my best sweetness for the very sweet her.

Birthday in Black

There is always something about black, silver and the camera. Like water and oil, they don't gel pretty well. Oh!
Made this card for my BIL (bro-in-law), in real time, it's so gorgeous. On pixs, I find it rather dull and without much character. How pictures lie... oh...

My New Box

Wonder no more, it's a NEW box to store all my embellishments. Gosh, I didn't know it could all possibly fill into this rather big box.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Love You like Gold & Daisies

Rudy's girlfriend has preference of simple elegent and a liking for gold and white... so this card was born. Something so utterly different from my usual me don't you think?
But honestly, I didn't know with the right theme and coordination, it turned out demure...

Kiss Me, Kiss Me Cutey

This is one cute card.
For Tiong who ordered for his wife who likes pink and Winnie the Pooh I was told, so I have this idea of a lady who likes cute stuff. I love the cuteness of this card... every bit of it, more so the chain of the heart locket that connects to the back *smile*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My One and Only Valentine

Made this for Zet. He suprisingly emailed me and ordered a card for his girlfriend for Valentine. This card is twice the size of the normal cards I made b'cos Zet wanted it bigger.

And because it was bigger, I can't possibly find a suitable envolope so, I made one for the card.

And... to match the theme of "My one and only", the envolope has a beautiful pink chipboard that says "For my one and only", ribbons and all...

Hope Zet's girlfriend love it as much as I enjoyed making it...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Anniversary

My anniversary card to Eugene... Happy Anniversary my dear... 7 great years and more to come I am very sure *smile*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny!

I made this card for my brother on his 29th birthday. What, did I get it wrong, my little brother is 29 already! Time really flies... and no, he is no longer little. Looks like my older brother now...heheh...
Those stars represent how much of a star he is in my life. Happy Birthday bro!