Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Very Own Valentine {grin}


Well... for this year, I did spent exactly 4 hours getting this sorted (not including developing the pixs or picking them). This piece was plain 4 hours of getting it pieced starting from scratch.
I wanted it to be absolutely unique, personal and 'us.'

And here it goes. I borrowed a little of Joanna's booklet concept but customized it eventually to a different chapter.

I love it to bits and it's utterly heartwarming making it. I can't express how much it means to me to get this piece done and the magnitude of personal touch I've garnered in this. Whatmore, he is thousands of miles away on this much, over-rated romantic day. Also, I'm trying to make it up for the day of love...
The cover contained many little sweet words, made into a heart, with a cute arrow running across.
I started off with "My drinker (pix of Eugene with a beer), then the next piece "my foodie" (him eating, oh, this is so him), then "my hunk" (him flexing his muscles {muahaha}), then "my gangsta" with the ala tattoos he got, then "my monster" and etc... till the end, needless to say, he is "My Valentine!" hohoho...
And at every back of each page, I have a paragraph of my feelings about 'us' in my very own hand writing...
Anyways, enjoy... xoxo

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miss chembeng said...

looooooooooooooooooovin it!ur cards are crazzzzzyyyy beautiful.