Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love Always Pastelly

My humble opinion feels that this is one of the most elegant pastel card I've made so far.
Jaimie asked a card for his bro's wedding. Initially wanted it to have the names of the couple but I can't quite have it on the card. But somehow, I settled for just this simple piece.
Oh, I-so-like-it!

Cutie Baby Girl

Something is missing on this card. I can't quite point it out... oh well, one of those days I supposed? Hehe...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Angel

There... little angel girl, Chloe. This one's for Bonnie, the new mummy. Hmm, in months to come you'll be seeing many baby cards because the office seemed to be infested with preggies. Must be the humping season late last year... (aik, kill me! heheh...)
Well, when it comes to pastels and pink, it's my forte alrighty...

Baby Boy

Chia Bee has just given birth to her 2nd son. So, here's one for the little one... bundle of joys definitely.
This time around I actually got the needle and thread on. Yahoo. If you take a note, the entire corners were sewn. And I thought I was a goner during the days of Domestic Science (literally failing when it comes to sewing! Must be the teacher I hated...) Hehe...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THE Wedding Album

This is my 2nd work on a wedding album. Piecing it for Adrian and gang whose now freelancing on wedding shots though and very unfortunately, I have called it a 'retirement' for wedding albums. Hehe... it's a tiring feat my dears if you wonder. Plus, there is plenty of emotions to work on when piecing wedding stuff... I don't know about others but I am one who will be involved emotionally because it's one of those 'once a lifetime' occassion for every couple.
Anyway, I like the way this album has turned out to be though I have gaven quite a bit of my time to get this album through. Phew, I am so relieve to get this over.
Well, the bride, Joanne and groom, Jenn Fai - congrats! I hope you like what I handcrafted for you guys and I hope the pictures I've choosen and piece together is something that gives enough meaning to your special day *cross fingers* and the album is able to capture the essence of it all...
Amongst all the pics I have picked for the album, I particularly LOVE the last 2 ones, because Joanne looked so, so radiant and lovely and Jenn Fai looks smucking good in those very candid shots at the dinner table, sorta brings out the handsome-ness in him.
And... if you are all wondering, I do not know Joanne nor Jenn Fai... nor have I met them..hahah... so, as much as I hope and pray, they will like and enjoy my work... *grin*
Congratulations again! May you both have a great life together!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Noticed the similarities in all 3 Father's Day cards? Hehe... I can't help but musing around the same masculine paper then toying around with various concept. Hm, I like it all. Never knew I could reach out to a masculine level pretty interestingly. Hah!
This piece is the 2nd card for Michelle's dad...

Dad - My Star

Stars, stars and stars. Daddy you are my star *smile* Made this for Michelle who has now 2 dads to celebrate with...this is the 1st piece.

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is around the corner! These are pegs hanging "DAD" on the rails...hehe. I love the cute yet masculine boyish effect of this piece.

Specifically for my father-in-law whose everything to us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

English Birthday

This is my maiden work on English roses and it's sophistication. I can't quite put my finger on the concept yet because this piece is beyond me. I still feel there is something I have not perfected just yet... hmmm. Something is still quite missing but it's certainly a change for me.
Anyway, this piece arises from Hui Hui's friend who has a love for everything English.