Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Thank Yous

Aren't they all one of the sweetest cards you have seen? Awww... I so like them that I told Ima if she doesn't like them, it is ok because I really don't mind keep it for myself!
I made Ima 25 Reasons I love you and she gave me RM50 and at that point of exchange no one had a change for that. So, I ended up owing her the difference.
The next day she texted me asking how many cards can I make as a
'thank you' card for her customers who have granted them their precious time to see her.
I told her 6 and the rest was history. So they say...
I wanted the cards to be neutral so it is easier for Ima to give it to a male or female customer so what better color than a baby blue. And I wanted it to be in a set of 6 some how, so I made them to look like they belonged to the same family! But since I hate monotony, I made every single card differently (in their own ways) yet still holding on to the theme... well... I sure love them if you don't.... *SMILE*

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lovey Dovey

This is one lovey dovey card I made over the weekend. There is something lovey about this card I shall say. While the pictures are cute, they illustrate very cute wordings if you take note. It says, "Keys to my Heart", "Sweetheart" and "You Light up My Life" in pictures. Cute eh?

Anyway, I will be couriering this card directly to Sharon's guy. It's a profound love card really...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

22 Reasons by Pretty Lil' Missile

I am totally loss for words to this best heart booklet I have made thus far. I dig this with a capital D. For many reasons. 1st - it has this very cute theme and color combi. 2nd - for the concept of numbering where the numbers from 1 to 22 rotates around the hearts. 3rd - the cute metal heart is attached to every page. 4th - check out the cute little missile which represents Qila!!! (I so wanna keep that missile for myself * sheepish grin*).
So Qila, here you go girl. Some of your suggestion, at best where possible. Tadah! For your bff + bf on his 22nd birthday.
Have a great celebration there!

Happy 22nd Mel

I know. This is the most deliciously adorable looking card I've made thusfar. I just can't help and stop looking at it from near or far, side ways, under ways...whichever ways.
Qila wrote to me, requesting this 'special' piece for her friend Melanie who is studying in Sarawak. And it's her 22nd birthday. Apparently Mel hopes to have something for cupcakes for her birthday... so, I got something along that line.
Hope Mel loves this!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birthday Special

This is a special one.

Because, what is seen is the envolope! Untie the ribbon which holds the 'Happy Birthday' tag and viola, underneath this, you can pull out a card where wishes are to be written...
It's ordered for Latipah - this extremely soft spoken lady whom I have known back in my 1st working year 11 years back! Despite her being an older lady now, this is one lady whom has not aged a single day. And you wonder where she not have that temper... well, I still don't have an answer... so, I guess to some extend this card does reflect her, serene, poise and at peace...

Pink Lady N Pink B'day

Hui Mei wrote to me last week asking to make a card for Jayna, the girl who is infectiously in love with pink. I mean if you are at Jayna's cubi in the office, you will never cease to know if you are at her place. Everything on her table is PINK! And I really mean, EVERY-THING.
And I couldn't be happier to make this piece because it's also my favourite color. I had to ensure it is as pastel as it gets... yummy... this is just one of those chic candy icing pink sweet cards I made... and I so wanna eat it... well Jayna, Happy Birthday girl, keep the partying fever on forever and keep painting the town pink...

25 Reasons...

I have been away from Card-A-Heart for a little while because I was just busy with everything else not card. However, that does not mean I had totally lay off from making stuff... hehehe...

Ima wanted something along the line of those previous "...reasons I like about you..." heart shape cards and so I for this done for her. 25 Things I Love You. There you go... 25 pieces of hearts, each numbered along with daisies flowering the hearts at the pieces go by. Tweet... *grin*