Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa, We Love You

Here's a very simple card I have made for Athirah which she has asked to have "Papa, we love you" word at the front. She wanted it simple and masculine so here's one for him...

Father's Day

I drew the little cute airplane, and as usual, colored it to match the background I had in mind. And ta-dah, one for my father-in-law. What I like most about the card is having the cute airplane pulling the banner "Father's Day" with a little cute white string. Just a little appreciation for all he has been to my husband and I.

I Love You, Wholeheartedly...

This card is one of those different cards I've done so far. The inside of it contains 25 things Hazreen loves about her husband and the base was made of plastic. I had it lined with matte tracing paper. Then, to finish it up, an envolope is made where the card can be slotted into it and at the front, I've had these very words from Hazreen printed. Sooo, by end of it, it acts as an envolope and nice cover to a supposedly card.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

For Eddie

Stephanie particularly said she wanted blue and red. Something to remind about love. To Eddie. And have a doggy. What have you here... hehehe. I drew the little doggy, colored it just to match the color around it and viola... cuuuuteeeee....

Friends Forever

I like the cuteness of the card and its simplity. I'm a little loss for words for this one... *smile* but what I like most about it is the fact that it has this centre piece which I created out of nothing. Just to give it a centre piece, advocating all about what friends are around it. Profound.