Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love in Pink

My camera didn't do any justice to this card at all. Bah! :-( It's much sweeter in real. MUCH. And so the story goes that Adrian shared with Z.Bin about my card activities. And for what so ever reason, he asked if I could make one for his girlfriend's birthday.
I first wanted it pink and green, that sorta panache color tone but Z.Bin warn me no green because "my gf will kill me. she hates green. pleaseeee no green..."
Fuyoh, such strong plead. Hehe...
And so, it's all pink... love pink... >.<


Why 'party'? Hm, good question. Because it's a birthday party!!! That's why. I got this card made for a friend who is trying to woo a girl and so he said it can't be more special than giving her this... did she bite? did she not? *smirk*