Sunday, April 18, 2010

Squeking Birthday

This is the 1st card to a sequel I'm making for my hubby's birthday. I can't decide on one and the VERY best so I think it's best I'll just make a few instead! I mean, how else can a husband to the wife who makes cards get any lesser rite? *LOL*

Chick's Birthday

Tomorrow is her birthday and I have decided I will make this one for her because this colleague o' mine is a very nice person (a rare species in the corporate world today).
The fun I had with this card is the chick I drew and colored with Copic and then have this really cute background paper to compliment the entire 'chick' theme.
May she have a wonderful year ahead...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrate Pink

Shida's request was a cute and sweet card for her friend. And, cute and sweet this card is. And talking about how small this world is, she asked the card to be couriered to her mum and guess what, mummy works in the same office as I do! I hope Shida and her friend loves this... :-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Best Friend

And the story goes, this is the other card I made him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... can't-name-you-yet in case you are on the page today...yek yek yek... If you noticed I have elements of red in both cards because my buddy has liking for bright, metro-sexual colors. So, got it done, somewhere along his taste of line. Have a jolly good birthday my friend!

Purr-fect Friend

I don't know what to get one of my buddy for his birthday and SO, I made 2 cards for him instead since he's one of the fellas who enjoy my work month in, month out. What better way but to make him 2 rite?
This piece had be hand drawn the kitty, colored with my Copic, then have it all matched in the same variation of colors... I am sure he'll LOVE it!
Just hope he doesn't visit this page today... *wink*


Can't help but be smitten rite? Well, Crystal requested for a card for her 1st anniversary. Hmmm, which got me thinking, how, how best could I make out of this whole idea pieces of some previous work? So, somehow, I thought this would be a better idea, those little bugs which is the background of the card are actually love bugs! Smitten like love bugs...