Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One & Only

I was making this card feeling love, deep loveeeee. The card evokes an indepth, elegant and romantic relationship. The word 'one & only' is actually of velvet texture, feel it and one will feel romance is indeed in the air.

Kisses n Love

I coincidently made these 2 cards with the same polka dot pink heart and thus, resulting a pair.
The pink card was made for Hui Mei for her husband because her husband loves colors in cards. Now... I wonder who will be taking on the Blue Love... ?

So In Love...

This card conveys the message with some masculinity and of course love. Somehow, somewhere, the roses softens the masculinity of the theme, which at the same time a tinge of romanticism. What say you?

Love n Honor

For Love and Honor, simple and strong

Dusty Flowery Birthday

This real card is so utterly special because the background was based on quilts and lotsa flowers. Something different...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweetie Pie - Awwww...

This will form another of Whimsical's collection. I wanna keep it for myself (honestly) because this is one card I NEVER grew tired looking. No matter what. So sweet, so perfect and so demure... awwww....

Chinese New Year

Adrian one day said to me if someone is to request for a CNY card will I be interested to make one. I told him I'll try because my 'chinese' taste isn't that good. I may stray from having the chinese essense.
I tried and here it is, 2 cards for CNY. Personally, I feel they were simple cards but still feel I'm lack of something...

Nostalgic Love

Woo hoo, managed to get Hui Hui to take the pixs for the cards this time... she literally sent me a total of 90 over pixs! My God...!!! And obviously, I had so much trouble choosing which one as everyone was so pretty... anyway, enjoy!

This time I believe the cards given to her were a challenge because the color contrast were not that 'normal'... heh heh...
This piece is actually for V Day but it can also be used for Birthday wishes. I've made in based on a green background because I wanted it to have a nostalgic pretty. One won't believe where I flicked the velvet green ribbon. Heh heh... from a box of Crabtree & Evelyn packaging. Talk about recycle! It was all crumpled of course, so I had patiently ironed till perfection. Who would have thought yeah? *Grin*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool Wedding

A wedding card for Anne and Quah from Eugene. Did this in a very cool, sentimental and elegant context... This time around, Monkey did these shots for me. Who is Monkey? Stay tune! *wink*

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank You

Thank you for the big heart... for Kar Wai


I LOVE these pictures amongst all that were made for Whimsical. It captured the true essence of this card in every sense. It's so me in every way - plain, says it all and outstanding enough...

Be Mine

One of the favourite of everyone... be mine Valentine...

I Heart U

My black series. Trust me, this one is quite a challenge to capture too. Heh heh. But, the essence of simplicity was just beyond this picture. I love the chicness that says it all for Valentines...

Hugs & Kisses

I presumed it would be a challenge to capture this on picture and boy, was I right. Tee-hee-hee. But I love the contrast and simple chicness!


Big hearty who is lovesick... awwww...

Flirty Flower

It's a bountiful of flirting color, just for Valentine or someone you've been eyeing?

Sweet Birthday Cake

I can't help but falling in love with the pinkness of the card. Happy Birthday sweet gal...

Blue Birthday

Simple blue card for birthday

Just for Whimsical

Custome made for them...
This time around, Whimsical Articles cards are shots courtesy of Siensationer ( )

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whimsical Articles

Well if you have been following this blog, I wish to share that my cards are also featured in Whimsical Articles in BVI (Bangsar Village I) on the 1st floor.

The main difference is you are able to see and feel the cards real life and have actually choices to choose.

I'll start featuring them here but they are not for sale via this blog because I've custommade just for Whimsical Articles.

I Do

For Nina for her wedding from Ivy who can't make it.