Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wild About You

There is something about this card I particularly like - its simple adoring cuteness. Despite its simplicity and color, it pulls off very well. Again, something different from my usual style. And I [heart] it... hehe. Shikin, as I've mentioned to you about it in my mail to you... ta-dah, here it is!

Key to My Heart

These pictures doesn't do justice to the card!!! Argh!!! Bad camera. Bad camera woman (me!) The lustrous red of the card has been turned faded!!! Bah!!! Otherwise, it is honestly one of those cards I was admiring over and over again after I made it. Simply because it's not my usual style and color but somehow, I pulled it through pretty well.
Aida, I hope this reaches you in time for you to give it to your bf... *fingers and toes cross* and I hope you like it as much as I do... *wink*

Happy Birthday D

It came along as a request to make for her sister while I was in Samui. I was very worried if ever I could make it on time for her since after coming back, I'm always with tonnes of things to do. Somehow, I managed to pull this through for Aida and here is something I truly hope she would like for her sis. This time around I had the card a little different from my usual style. But still likeable to my 'point of view.' Hope Aida's ok with it... :-o