Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THE Wedding Album

This is my 2nd work on a wedding album. Piecing it for Adrian and gang whose now freelancing on wedding shots though and very unfortunately, I have called it a 'retirement' for wedding albums. Hehe... it's a tiring feat my dears if you wonder. Plus, there is plenty of emotions to work on when piecing wedding stuff... I don't know about others but I am one who will be involved emotionally because it's one of those 'once a lifetime' occassion for every couple.
Anyway, I like the way this album has turned out to be though I have gaven quite a bit of my time to get this album through. Phew, I am so relieve to get this over.
Well, the bride, Joanne and groom, Jenn Fai - congrats! I hope you like what I handcrafted for you guys and I hope the pictures I've choosen and piece together is something that gives enough meaning to your special day *cross fingers* and the album is able to capture the essence of it all...
Amongst all the pics I have picked for the album, I particularly LOVE the last 2 ones, because Joanne looked so, so radiant and lovely and Jenn Fai looks smucking good in those very candid shots at the dinner table, sorta brings out the handsome-ness in him.
And... if you are all wondering, I do not know Joanne nor Jenn Fai... nor have I met them..hahah... so, as much as I hope and pray, they will like and enjoy my work... *grin*
Congratulations again! May you both have a great life together!


Jenn Fai said...

Hi Emily,

I must say it's fabulous work... too bad this would be your last. A really big thank you for the effort you invested, you have our utmost gratitude. It's amazing though how you'd still be able to find time for such a time consuming interest, kudos! Simply splendid... i don't know about my wife but i definitely like what i saw so far. Anyway, thanks again.

Best regards,
Jenn Fai

Wee-Leng said...

Thank you Jenn Fai. Heheh... I'm relieve and happy to learnt u like it...phew! Anyway... the pleasure is mine... definitely mine.

miss chembeng said...

oh my god!!!i am soooo biting my fingers!i want!!!pls do tell me if u r considering to do wedding albums again.hehe (with a reeeally sweet smile)