Saturday, February 14, 2009

26 Things I Love About U

This is one of the most unique card I've made. I am still giggling from it.
Sharon sent me an e-mail on Tues, asking me if I can make a booklet with 27 pages, and she said it's her friend's request but she doesn't know why the 27. All I know was, it was for Valentines.
Then later, I got another message from Sharon, not too big of a booklet and leave space to write 2-3 sentences every page.
That got me wondering alright... like what was that 27 for and why would anyone want 27 pages...
The next day, I asked Sharon for the name of the sender and recipient because I felt despite the 27 hearts I cut (for the life of me) along with the embellishments, there is still something very missing and the touch isn't quite right there yet.
So I got to know Joanna (hello there Joanna if you are reading this) and Rene (the lucky guy!) and she finally explained she wanted "26 things I love about you" with each page of something she loves about Rene and the 1 last page was for her to pour her heart...
Aw.... so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of Joanna and obviously this is indeed a super duper cute idea... I just can't help gigling at every word I rub-on and perfecting this work of art yesterday!
What have I to say but I truly enjoyed making this card because the entire idea behind it is just sooooooooo sweet!

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