Saturday, November 14, 2009

X'mas Cards for Charity

What do you know... finally, my cards are out from the printers!!! Everyone here is specially hand designed by yours truly. Yay yay!
These cards have been designed, then colored with Copic. My initial designs were 6 but after much deliberation and dwelling on the output with the printer {of which some turned out very dull and sad as compared to the original}, I've decided to ditch the 3 and keep these 3 instead. *grin* Of which, I have put Jason {the really patient printer} into countless undecided combination of colors, designs, fonts, sizes of this and that, material, and what else anyone can think of. Sorry Jason... *gulp*
BUT, now it is all out, 600 of them, a means to raise funds, I am happppppy. Yes, happy as a little lark.

Since this is my take on giving back to the kids, every single card sold would 100% go to Sanctuary Home in Setapak {where I occasionally lent a hand}. Generally, the monies would go to the monthly utility bills, rentals, groceries and etc {if you wonder} of the home.

So if anyone is interested, do feel openly free to email me at

A pack of it cost MYR30, of which it contains 6 cards, 2 of each of the design. :-)
PS: If you would also like to directly reach out to Sanctuary Home, please, by all means, e-mail me and I will more than happy to provide you details of the home :-)

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