Saturday, November 15, 2008

Introduction... (or should I call it Preface?)

This blog is to publish some of my craft which made up as one of the few life passion I am blessed, also my realm of bliss and pleasure.

Nothing in this world, beats making cards for a purpose. My seconds and minutes in card making are infected and implanted with plenty of love, sweet thoughts and smiles.

One can never believe the extend of card making, relieving me day in and day out, from the mounting stress of my corporate life (my day job) and notwithstanding, enacting the purpose of pursuing my humble, unassuming hobby with what is left of me by end of the day or week. Card making has thusfar kept me essentially sane and alive *smile*

As of now (if you have not even noticed), there isn't any cards for viewing but that is underway (Danny, if you are reading this, I need the camera card back quick, cos I need to load pictures of my cards!)
Last but not least, do come by, I'll be loading them in no time... cioa babes!


adrian said...

nice cards you have there, great design too!

Wee-Leng said...

thank u my friend... for the support =)