Monday, July 12, 2010

Nonnie & Her Princesses

I can't begin to express how much fun I had doing up these 4 bookmarks for Nonnie. I just love these bookmarks so much so that I wanted to keep it for myself [if I could]. Haha.
Nonnie asked for bookmarks for her and her 3 princesses. In particular Nonnie loves to read and there isn't a better way to have my work reminding her of the pages she has stopped.
For Dinna who is 6 years old, Nonnie said to have it more cartoony so there, Mr Owl on a branch with her name on the leaf. But what I took the liberty to ensured was a brighter colorful theme for a 6 year old.
For Innas who is 8, she likes butterflies, hearts and flowers. And so, I resorted on butterflies for. Sweet.
For Iemann who is 13, the initial request was to have something made on MU but as you know my style, I can't cook anything nice out of that. So I asked Nonnie what else. And later told she likes Twilight! And flowers. And ribbons. And pink. Ah ha, so there I got Iemann her name, flowery theme and these words which she specifically told Nonnie she wanted, "Twilight in my Heart."
And finally for the mummy herself, [I can't resist LOVING hers] she wants either something cute or girly. There you go. And since Nonnie's virtual nick is HunnyB, HunnyB she gets! Hehe...
But all in all, with all honesty, I wanted the bookmark for myself I tell you... *smile*
Last but not least, hope Nonnie and the girls would like them as much as I do...


Shirl said...

Wow, great job with the bookmarks! I think my favourite one is butterfly one, but I love the rest too!

I'm sure Nonnie and her princesses will adore them!

Wee-Leng said...

tq shirl... hahaha....

♥ne.l♥ve.c♥ttage said...

I like HunnyB's bookmark. A lovely one, simple and girlish! Keep it up my dear!:D