Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Few...


I think I'm quite back. Just few cards I managed to remember to document my work :)

Few others just were just conveniently forgotten :O and given out to friends.

But nevertheless, enjoy...

This was made for a friend which I had it made within 30 mins. As usual, my camera skill didn't do much justice to real piece.

I thoroughly enjoyed this because it was so happy, so fun and so cute at the same time. I went into my store room like a lil' rat and rummaged all that I have for my card making, and 1 hour later, this was made. If you look at it properly, there are 3 flowers which are popped out to give it a dimension :-)

And for the below, I badly wanted to have this posted in my FB but I can't because my colleague who is the Bride will see it and I haven't given it to her {yet}. So, yes, while I can't post it anywhere yet, but knowing that my fellow colleagues does not know of this page, I can just post however I want here :)

This piece in real has more class. It is definitely the camera {I took it from an iPhone}. But all the same, I enjoyed making it for her... because there is some sense of style yet simpleness within it.


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